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     Hello my name is Marcel.(Nov 20/65)(Scorpio)(Snake chinese zodiac)
About me
      I am member of the St'át'imc Nation BC, Canada. I live in the Town of Lillooet, BC,   I am 39 years old, no kids. My Father is from the St'át'mc Nation, Seton Lake Band, but my mother is from Vancouver Island a Nuu-cha-nulth member, my grandfahter's name on her side was Joe a nice sized family, I think my grandparents had 16 kids, like wow. I am the second youngest of 6 kids plus a foster sister(Always been a sister to me), I have two older brother Victor and Reginald(just call him Sir Reginald James), also the sister are older then me Marlene, Valeria and Vivian and the baby of the family my younger Brother Verne, I Have what is it now?? hmm 15+ nieces and nephews? and no kids of my own. One day pehhaps. Always on the look out for the mother of my children hahaha. As ya can see I have a sense of haha, can be strange an crude at times but hey thats me, an plus ppl still love me anyways eh, ask anyone I am mostly harmless.
what I like.
 I like to read mostly, Sci Fi. fantasy, and horrors. If I fix my bike I like to ride that hahaha, thats if I fix it hahaha. I like to go see movies too. Of course I am a guy so they have to be be action adventure types eh, but I do like to watch animated stuff too. So no laughing at me(Ya know disney stuff), I have seen Tarzan as a matter of fact i own it, but I an also not opposed to seen tear jerkers like the Robin Williams movie, the one where he goes to Hell to look for his wife, ah yes " WHAT DREAMS MAY COME". Since there was no one around to witness it. I did have a couple drops of tears in my eyes eh, ok ok there was more then a couple, *LOL* ssshh don't tell anyone I said that I will deny it of course.
     One thing I have found out I like to Mechanic to just love taking stuff apart as a kid. An update, I bought a car but hm i had to rebuild the engine in it, I had to replace teh piston main an rod bearings, I wish I could have pulled the engine out but alas I could not. I love to work on the computer either Fixing it, installing stuff adding hardware. If I have to, I can build a computer, which I just did not to long ago for a friend of mine. Actually as of now my fren got her own computer so she can check her e-mail an maybe I get her hooked on chatting never did get her hooked on chattign thouhg bu at least she uses yaho meseenger and MSN anywas? hahahaha am I mean an cruel or what? hahaha naaa actually I am a nice guy just ask anyone eh. 
     Ok whats skills to I have hmm well I can work wonders ona computer eh ahaha.  I do know how to cook and no its is not KD and weiners eh I can make my own deer meat stew.  I do know how to do laundry, and yes i do seperate my whites from my darks. and I can fold my laundry too eh ahaha.. I can also work on vehicals I can do brakes front and rear, replace struts/shocks, change oil filters. gasline filters.  So if ya need a cook i can do that, fix your car i can do that too, fix your computer, usaully if  I cant fix it no one can eh haha so yes I can fix computers.  One thing I really  hate doing is cleaning YUCK well  my upbringing did not install the love of cleaning house in me, so well.. hahahaha I do ahve other skills that cant be talked aobut in a public page eh haha
Where I worked
     I worked for the School District #74 BC Canada, doing audio/videotaping (Record/edit them) of the St'át'imcets (language of the St'át'imc), which are used in the local schools to help teach St'át'imcets, so that ALL(not just natives) students can learn it. I all so do page lay-out for stories.  Scan graphics and add then to the stories.  Also a glorifed secretary and gofer eh, EX. "Marcel gofer this Marcel gorfer that" as one can see by this page they hired me more for my camera skills an computer skills, I have no office training at all. I did at one time knew how to type, 28wpm? 38wpm?? but I think chatting online destroyed any abliltiy I had.
     This is my brother and I, I am the one on the right, I don't know when this pic was taken but I was over in the Valley an I seen them there I ask the person if he could scan the pics for me. Well got some one else to scan em eh and had them ICQED to me.
     Me of course same story as on the left eh.
     This is me of course.

     This is a pic that was done for me by a lady with the handle of Ravena Whitewolf, I do beleive it was at the time.  Been long time since I have seen her tho.  I love this pic and as you can see it has my handle in the pic.

     This is me of and a couple of frens. The guy was trying to teach me how to juggle.
     This is a pic of me in a cowboy hat, not bad eh hahaha. if I don't say so myself.
     This is me videotaping the river exciting eh. The Bridge River.
 Contempalting what? who knows hmm hahaha
     Me with cloud background was fooling around with photoshop, looks kinda kool.
     Same pics as to the left just a white plain back ground.
     This is a pic when I just got home from a wedding hm ya think I should wear long-sleeved shirt more often?